Social Cause

YouTube Channel - "It Shouldn't Matter"

Here I have taken the lead to increase awareness and social acceptance of mentally and physically challenged people. I was born with a congenital birth defect where my left-hand palm and fingers are under developers. Throughout my life I have never let that come in my way of pursuing anything, thought I must say it was not easy to be resilient and persistent in overcoming these challenges. In the various episodes of my talk series, I share my personal stories of growing up and how I researched about my condition and coped, adapted and overcame my physical challenges. This is where I share my story to the whole world.


My independent research on Student Mental Health during the COVID-19 pandemic also culminated into the design and development of an Android App called Moodify which helps students self-assess their conditions at any time. The results remain confidential and personal and help students take proactive versus reactive measures in remediating their conditions. The app used Google Vision AI model to extract student moods from live video feeds while they are attending online classes which makes it a continuous monitoring and alerting system

Google Play Store:

Instructions to use the App:

1. Search the App (Search keyword: “Moodify”) & Find the icon (picture above).

2. Install & Open the App

3. In the Settings Page put the “Auto Record’ control to "ON"

This will enable the App to auto-extract moods of a person through video feeds and pictures and plot them over time.